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Since my 3 in a row I nv kena anything Liao . Sob sob . Ya, i’m The 1 who miss tat 3 units lol. Ok listen to your advise thanks
Lol... Then u should not even be bothered with the zerida/jugler.

Zerida is good in pve only if u have cherie/dieharte, the core meteor faction dps. She is godly in pvp if u have bozel (cos' for her to be good and can one-shot kill people in arena, u need all her skills slots for skills, not buff).

(She is also a must-invest 2 runestone type of char. I still cannot stop laughing when my guildie used monster zerida and she gana one-shotted by enemy priest mob in guild battle. Lol)

Jugler is a questionable choice, only if u can afford hefty investment in all 3 paths.

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