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Both 1.3 jazz / fit qualified for the $10000 ves rebate. That why the parf after 10 years is estimated it be (15000-10000) / 2 =$2500.

1.5 jazz no ves rebate so end of the 10 years the parf is 16500/2=$8250

For 1.5 fit which I assumed only comes with the hydrid. The omw is about 19k. I believe it also comes with 10k ves rebate as I'd ONT think it is possible to sell cheaper than the 1.5 RS jazz.
Yes, I confirm the 1.5 Jazz RS has no VES rebate.

Also confirm that the 1.5 Fit Hybrid has 10k VES rebate. OMV is upper end of 19k. Parv value is just shy of 5k. But must consider you are getting 10k discount now immediately, rather than 5k more after 10 years.
It's also Cat B CoE.

Based on yesterday's Cat B bidding, in the next few months it will be hard to get it at a cheaper price than 1.5 RS leow.

Lucky I bought end of last year siah...

But if can wait, I think it might be good to delay until the 2019 Fit/Jazz Turbo 1.0 is available here.

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