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A new “Google certified TV Box” running Android TV OS 9.0, but not Netflix certified, from Mecool.

Good thing — S905X2 CPU, Chromecast Support, Google Voice Assistant, YouTube 4K support.

Bad thing: no Netflix HD, not proven yet about the performance about the Chromecast implementation

Track record of Mecool Google Certified TV Box is not that great, previous one is Mecool KM8 S905X CPU, Chromecast supported, but no Netflix HD support. Performance was not good either.

Mecool KM3 should have good performance similar to Beelink GT1 Mini, Tanix TX5 Max, Mecool KM9 and other S905X2 boxes. Let’s wait for more review.

Still it is probably better to buy Mi Box S as it is certified by both Google and Netflix.

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