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Kang, you may like to ask Rachel Lim why she has to be rude and confrontational.

Summarize here--

We emailed Team KANGaroos <>, a contact that was provided by kind Hardwarezone members. This is our first contact. This is our first trip. We don't know KangarooKang, and therefore the contact was purely out of trust in Hardwarezone.

We politely mentioned that we contact you due to high recommendations of Hardwarezone members, to please advise us:-
[1] the further requirements from your end.
[2] your pricing
[3] and after ETA processing, we're supposed to double-check that it appears on the Australian Home Affairs Department's Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO), is it?

Note [2] we willing to pay, never ask for freebie.
Note [3] we ask, 'is it?', because we seek advice as to must or not.

What is so wrong with writing in this manner?

Instead of help, we get a rude --
Sorry, not able to help you. Please look for other agency.
Rachel Lim

When we took her advice and thank her efforts anyhow, by sharing feedback that the other agent also provides a confirmation slip (no VEVO check required), she became illogically confrontational. No logic, because it so hard to set up a successful business, yet here is someone out to antagonize customers. We may not be able to do business today, does not mean we cannot be repeat customers or future referrers in days ahead.

We had to remind her that we all must learn to co-exist.. --
For sharing purpose?

Thought Hardwarezone mates say you are helpful and nice?

Arenít we all here to help one another?

You have a problem with helping someone in need?

Our trip haven't started already bad memories. Success leads to arrogance in some.

btw, with regards to VEVO question, someone kindly steer us to googled link that says:-

The Department of Immigration's VEVO system is used by schools, organizations, and companies to check the status of potential employees, students, or researchers on the status of their visas. This is widely used to determine the eligibility of these people to begin research, studies, or work.

The VEVO system is not used to check the status of short-term tourist visas. The Reference, Grant, or other numbers that the system asks for are not provided for a subclass 601 ETA tourist visa.

This should be the appropriate response. No need for any agent to resort to unnecessary remarks when potential customers enquire for this info.
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