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Good deals you got there, are those still available now? On the lookout for the best deals within these 30 days haha.

Right now the prices I'm seeing are:

PIA 2 year $3.49/mth
Windscribe 1 year $4.07/mth
Astrill 1 year $8.33/mth
ExpressVPN 1 year $8.32/mth
NordVPN 3 year $2.99/mth
TorGuard 1 year $5.00/mth
IPVanish 1 year $6.49/mth
SurfShark 2 year $1.99/mth
On my 2nd year with Torguard, u can get 50% off with the code "TGLifetime50";

Was looking at PIA but they increased their prices recently for new subs.

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