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It is wrong buy but then who will know in advance the this plot is launched luckily after 2018 Jul cm and that the bid is low? If gov want treasure to die, they can also launch a plot beside treasure now.
Govt understands there’s current oversupply this year and thus, they have announced that they will not release too many land for bidding this year, else oversupply will worsen. Just that sway sway the sims drive site was released next to SUO after CMs.

Last year nov 30, there’s already news on sims drive site and middle road site will be released for bidding. This is after July 2018 CM. Resale buyers of SUO obviously not aware of this. Or probably didn’t expect the bid price was as Low as 732psf ppr.

URA releases private homes sites at Dairy Farm Walk, Sims Drive, Middle Road and Tan Quee Lan Street

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