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Certain cases are clear cut, some not.
The case of project WR is clear cut. They wanted to launch RCR at 1,900 to 2,000 psf without full condo facilities. Right across the road, another new launch, project C is launched at 1700 psf, with full condo facilities. If you were forced to buy, which would you choose?

Sure enough, WR managed to sell less than 5% of total units during launch weekend and have now closed their show flat.

Another ploy you have to look out for is Developers dropping prices. There are several projects, just mention two here, project G and A (quite close to each other) which only sold 10 to 15 % of total units during launch weekend. They have subsequently reduced their prices by about 10%. Ask yourself, if you had swarmed the tent during launch, queue and ballot and bought a unit, now prices fall by 10 to 20%, how do you feel being the early bird or early sxxxxr?
The Paronama is one project which the developer realised they were too euphoric in bidding and they wrote off losses as they cannot find buyers who want to pay the prices they paid for the land and building...

Hopefully Treasures (which sold only 10 to 15% during launch weekend) does not disappoint the early birds by becoming desperate to move units.
WR is a case of heading towards suicidal. Likewise for the garden residence.
Affinity is also one of them but its saving grace is the new mrt announcement.
Smart pple won’t buy the above 3 projects during launch. They are all set to fail, not surprising.

I feel park colonial, Tre Ver, park Esta is priced quite reasonably in my opinion.
Treasure has the lowest psf so far and thus, for those with limited Budget, it still has its group of supporters.
My gut feel is treasure can’t go any lower judging from my Guess that upcoming EC will be crossing the 1-1.1kpsf bar soon.

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