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If buyers do a lot of research, this sim drive plot really throw in big hint that market is slowing down. Who will want to buy other projects considering that this plot could launch at 14xxpsf? Even treasure at 12xxpsf will appear exp. Well of course each unit in this plot will have bigger quantum but if you afford, wait for it to launch.
I Guess the new launch price will remain flattish for quite some time.
It’s now a game of tug of war betw buyers and developer. See who give in first.

Developer enbloc/bid the land too high also can’t give too much discount.
Buyers now all adopt the wait and see attitude due to oversupply. But some may need to buy a home desperately for personal reason.

The bargain buys will not be those enbloc sites bought at high price by developer.
The bargain buys will be the subsequent land bid price during this time when market has softened and when there’s oversupply. perhaps the sims drive site is just a start. (But for that area, if 1400psf and subjected to 85sqm rule, I still don’t think it’s dirt cheap).
However middle road site still attracts 10 bidders at 14xxpsf ppr.

Lets see how other land bid price is performing to have a more conclusive picture.

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