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Would like to get your advice please after realising that I need to be wiser about my financial planning. Iím 33, and will be getting my BTO in about 2 yearsí time. Likely to take the HDB loan, because itís generally less complicated and itís my wifeís preference. I currently have these insurances:
  • A term life
  • A whole life insurance
  • DII
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Upgraded shield plan

So in terms of protection I think Iím generally okay.

But I feel that my current cash assets are not being maximised, because most of my cash is just sitting in my UOB account and Iíve actually gone beyond the $75k limit for the bonus interest. So Iím trying to be smarter with my money. I top-up $7k to my CPF SA, as well as the max $15k to my SRS as well. In terms of investments, I currently hold some ES3 and a little bit of the SG Savings Bond but thatís all. I have some questions:

  1. Iím thinking of doing DCA, likely on a monthly basis into a broader basket of ETFs. Ideally a mix that would expand my portfolio beyond the SG market. Would Interactive Brokers be the right platform to use?
  2. Assuming that I already have enough cash for emergencies, how many % of my monthly income (after CPF deductions, SA/SRS top-ups) should I invest?
  3. Is there a recommended ratio of foreign ETFs vs local ETFs vs bonds that I should have?
  4. Is there a simple spreadsheet somewhere for me to track my DCA and the portfolio ratios?

Not sure if Iím making any sense at all, but Iíd really appreciate your help.
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