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Hi just new in this line recently i have borrowed few from UML thru my whatsapp but some of them i already clear accept 1did not want me to clear until now still paying defer. Always telling me no account for me right now I stop paying but my concern is before I take a loan I'm thinking after i selling my house i can clear all my LM and UML unfortunately my LM i pay off accept UML i can't clear. My main concern is if i don't pay to UML will affected to my new owner who buy my house .please advise me what to do. Until now i never make a police report.please help me your advice. Thks u
LM - Negotiate for reasonable plan and try and pay off asap.
UML - many are just plain scams and you can never finish paying if you ever pay, so stop paying and break the cycle.

All the info you need are here. PM if clueless.

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