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Mak, you have a kind heart as mentioned by me before. Inspite of your problem with scammers , you kept advising others. Yes it is indeed stressful to cope.
Even bro Delceer advised new victims to read up.
Yes they MUST read up past threads to match their experience and decide the next course of action.
This is a thankless job , no reward or incentive to keep us going. Its simply volunteerism.

I also want to thank those who voluntarily come back to help while wait out the harrassments.
Hi Makminah I'm new in this forum i asking everyone in this forum for your advise recently i taking Loan with LML and ULML before I selling my house. After i selling my house i settle all my debt But the problem i had is1 ULML don't let me clear until now i still paying and till now I never make a police report due to dun want my new owner suffer because my Silly mistake. I know people thinking i sabotage to new owner for me is OK what your saying about me now already trying to clear my Loan with ULML but still not clear.that why i need sis and bro out there helping me or advise me. I already go for counseling still confused because my counseling tell me don't report to the police is there no harrashment or evidence to my old house.and one if I make a police report police will asking me why take loan before selling my house. Until now I don't know what to do every night i 😢 thinking about this problem because this is my first time counter this situation. Please help me thks u
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