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Hi Yamaha. So let me understand this clearly. You borrowed from afew LML and UML, you paid off all of them except for this 1 UML who keeps on asking you to defer? Am I right?

Those that keeps on asking you to defer and most probably scams. They want to earn more money from you. They know you're an easy target and has been all along paying their deferments without fail. How long have you been paying them? And how long have you borrowed from them before you decide to sell the house?
The reason I am asking is because my advise to you would be go and make a police report. Tell them the truth and see what they will advise you to do. The thing is you dont want to get into trouble with the UML but you also wouldn't want to get into trouble with the law. If you're able to justify that you sell your house not because of UML issue to the police, I dont think there will be any problem. I am not in a position to tell you what to do or not to do cause at the end of the day, you know better than anyone else how the situation is like.

As of right now, cut all contacts with the UML and make the police report. Show them everything (transactions, convertions and etc) and come clean and ask the police what your next step is suppose to be. Dont mean to sound rude or bitchy but if ANYTHING were to happen, it's the police who will help you out immediately. Not people from the forum. It's not like we can be phycially be there to help whenever you post something here. The best option you have is to be honest and report to the police. Of course the police wont take any actions and there were no damage done to you or your property but at least having you report in their record will safe guard you in the future. Better be safe than sorry.
I really hope this helps. Remember to STOP ALL CONTACTS AND STOP PAYING THEM.

I'm sure you've read through the thread most of us will provide you the same advise.
Good luck and keep us updated. 💪💪
Hi Makminah conversation with them i already deleted only i keep the receipt i pay to them. I just take loan with this UMLM is 2000 clear 2400 since January i start paying defer untill March.recently they asking me taking other loan but i denies. Now i confused about this problem.On Febuary i went to counseling session they also tell me don't pay but never mention to me make police reports but I already told them my problems is.if I make police reports I scared they will question me why the first thing you selling your house you take Loan that is my concern. Please advise me because I'm first time at counter the situation. I'm selling my house because my arrear with HDB that why I'm selling my house. The u for your advise

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