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Now I am a piss of al cause they are cheater/ liar and they can use all sort of way to threaten you but if we/ourselves give in to them it will only hurt you and your nok or those who still trust you. Please don't give in to them .
In the past few day I was think of this
1.Create a Facebook page,user name as angry management
2.Post all the number of the uml on it
3.Get People to get a hicard and whatapp on the phone
4.let those people whose are scammed by them and call them or flood their whatapp message to released the anger.
Please don't do that.
Let the SPF do their job.
You got any hobbies ?
You like any sports ?
Just go and sweat it out.
Don't care about them.
Boh Chup about them.
Loan Shark can't harm you physically.
In fact the runner more scared than you.
He saw you confirm run one, he will not stay put beat you up one.
You see the guys below,they don't even dare to look up.
How fierce can they be ?
Trust SPF 100% and let them do their jobs.

If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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