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Yes i got the reply from SPF too, they will only do your report n put into the system as they really cannot fo anything casuse UML nv do anything to you or ur house yet. Spf told me maybe duplicate cases cause maybe other who have the same num already did a report so they will probably just follow up the case closely nia. Since you already shifted out just dont worry anymore and pls tell ur new owner about this as they are innocents. Your num is up to you to change or not, if they feel that treatening you they wont get anything they probably move on to the next victim cause they have earn from you liao. If selling house is an issue go read back page 1 onwards i remember got post saying jus sell house but take ur time to read n my guess is he maybe UML or someone else i dont know. Cheers have a pleasent days ahead.
Thks bro for your advise and info

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