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Thanks but once i say report police they give me an account number to transfer. Then later call back say never ask me transfer. Dunno why they do that. So should i be afraid with their threats ?

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They are trying to earn more money from you la. They will give excuses like transfer back must pay admin fee la, cancellation fee la whatever reason that they like just so they can earn. When you refused they will start to instill fear in you. That's when most people will fall into their trap. They fear people will know, fear family safety, fear losing their job, fear losing face. They only way to overcome this is to bot let them feed on our feed. Be brave and fight them.

Everyday there are new victims. Those who are lucky, will find this thread and seek help. Those out there who still paying them, they are the ones who need to stop. Once you pay, its a never ending cycle.
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