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Hi Makminah conversation with them i already deleted only i keep the receipt i pay to them. I just take loan with this UMLM is 2000 clear 2400 since January i start paying defer untill March.recently they asking me taking other loan but i denies. Now i confused about this problem.On Febuary i went to counseling session they also tell me don't pay but never mention to me make police reports but I already told them my problems is.if I make police reports I scared they will question me why the first thing you selling your house you take Loan that is my concern. Please advise me because I'm first time at counter the situation. I'm selling my house because my arrear with HDB that why I'm selling my house. The u for your advise
Since you already made a police report, just follow their advise. Hopefully things will get better. How much more do you owe them?

Just remember to cut off all contacts with them and stop paying. No matter what circumstances, dont fall for their threats. You gotta be emotionally and mentally strong for you to pull this through.

Goodluck ya! 💪
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