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Happy I just tried my first hidden skill evolution on Taro Misaki

I didn't do any limit break for this player but I just found out that attack, tackle and stamina, etc still can increase further during hidden skill evolution

Appreciate some advice, how do I tell if a player hidden skill evolution has already max out or cant train further?

If all his current hidden skill has been unlocked, can i still transfer or teach him new hidden skills? Like to teach Misaki new hidden skill like the powerful auto Special Skill activation Intercept etc, if possible


Hidden Ability Evolution
Combination (Tsubasa)
Stats +10% when Tsubasa Ozora is on your team. (50% chance to activate)
Snow/Snow Cover Resistance
Not affected by snow and snow cover.
Rain/Puddle Resistance
Not affected by rain and puddles.
High Baller
Centering kick results in a high-flying ball. (80% chance to activate)

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