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Hi bro Spidie,

Your encounter is exactly what i went through previously.

They transferred the money into my account and said thanks for supporting them. I threw back and said no, i don't know you. I told them to give me an account number for me to transfer back. They said to call or message them at 1305hrs (exact timing). So i told them to fly kite. I made a police report, got the bank to close my account, changed my number ... even my whole family changed our numbers ... it died down after that ...

My advise is if you have never asked them for a loan but they transferred it to you, it's a scam. Close off all communications with them. FYI, i went to my MP and he got the npc to loan me a CCTV and even had a few plainclothes officers loitering at my void deck. It was all good in the end.

Hope this helps
Thanks Ravenking80s . I think they are crazy. So do they went to your house to disturb you in the end ? Never borrow anything and they can spend all the effort And time doing this. We won't pay anything to them also. Really is waste their time also.

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