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That is correct but it also comes with a long list of benefits for the "inconvenience" of a 12 months contract.

The GOMO plan will be suitable for those with simple needs or die-die must be no contract, but for those looking for a plan that offers much more, then M1 or Starhub should be considered.

I went for M1 because of the data passport; $25 add on gives me 10GB (5GB base plan +5GB Safra Card) data overseas for 30 days; which is 2.5 times my previous travel Starhub prepaid SIM card offers ($25 for 4GB valid 28 days)

So choose the plan which suits you most, everyone has different needs.
actually what is so good about the data passport? $10/mth to $50 (depending on your destination), with $2 activation fee. I would be better off (maybe with higher Data or no worries of charges due to over using) with getting that country sim card isnt it?
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