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Bro faizal8428, pmed u with regards to cctv.

Bro spidie, the harassments will pass once they cannot contact you.

Bro Shafiz, just continue to ignore/block them.Go and make police report asap.

Bros, just follow the steps we have been giving for the past month. Read through and understand that these are more like scammers than the UMLs of the 90s where one need to personally meet them or their runners to borrow.

Their threats are merely texts or calls. No more than that. They might send some legit couriers like lalamove to personally talk to you using the courier hp.

The more "establish" ones might send runner to lock gate, splash paint or paste debt notes but don't worry if this happen. Just report to I/O and 999. SPF WILL initiate immediate investigation and your troubles might end faster once the runners are arrested.

Believe us when we say that once runners are involved, SPF will start to take immediate action. Continue to provide evidence of threats to your I/O.

Remember to call 999 if you see suspicious characters near your unit. Our local UMLs are not an establish organisation like Colombia cartels. They normally don't have the manpower to stake out or follow you around. So don't bother to peep at your windows for spies.

Futhermore, these UMLs are partly smart to con but not smart enough. If not, they already have real proper job with high posts.

And man up, stop paying. That's the best way to hurt them.
I've stopped paying since i realised that they are indeed UML, i've paid $250 using my own money and the rest is from the $400 and $300 i got from opening bank acct and the sudden transfer. I've borrowed from LM before but cleared already. Thanks for the tip.
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