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If youíre not happy with your PSN name, Sony is letting PlayStation users change it starting today. The feature launched in beta in October 2018, but anyone will be able to do it either on their PS4 console or through a browser. Iím one of those cool people who makes all of my usernames into a play on my actual name, so Iím still pretty happy with ďfaulknerd,Ē but if your PSN name doesnít xX_reflect_Xx the current you, itís easy to change it.

In terms of pricing, the first name change is free. After that, if you decide that youíd like to change it again, itíll cost you $9.99 each time. But if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, itís only $4.99 for repeat name adjustments.

Sony claims in its FAQ that your old usernames will still belong to you, and if you choose to, you can roll back to a previous PSN name for free. To smooth over the adjustment process of having a new name for both you and your PSN friends, thereís an option to display your prior name next to your new one for 30 day.


I don't think i want to risk losing my level and stuff i've earned in online games just for a name change... For people who have not bought your PS4 and is intending to do so, please think of a good nick to use so that you don't feel remorseful when people asked you for your PSN ID...
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