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Under current rules she or somebody could top up her Retirement Account at age 79 and 10 months (for example), and she could join CPF LIFE before age 80.

Of course the big disadvantage is that nobody is collecting the sweet 4+% annually compounded interest over the many, many years before her 80th birthday.

If you're flush with cash you're certainly allowed to shove lots of it into her CPF accounts, starting with her Retirement Account (to the Enhanced Retirement Sum).

You're right that her Ordinary and Special Accounts aren't too relevant at this stage, but they could be. At the rate of $37,740 (the CPF Annual Limit) it's possible to shove cash into her OA/SA/MA ("all three" top up). Not so exciting when her RA is empty, or for the next $180K or so, but it could become interesting if you/she are looking for a reasonably attractive place to park cash. Once her RA has hit the FRS the OA+SA part is just like a bank account for her, really -- a strangely high yielding one.
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