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Anyone got lobang for cctv, i wanna install. Recently took loan from UML take $700, payback $1000. Den i paid deferment $250. After pay den was asked to take another loan of $700. But end up receiving $750. So when 2nd week comes i couldn't pay the deferment coz it's $500 for 2 loans. So the LS suggested to open bank acct for him, den i can get $400/mth. I agreed and passed my atm card, but i didn't passed it personally. Placed it somewhere at the RC a few blocks away. Few days later another guy sent a pic saying he transferred $300 to my acct. I was shocked, i straight away asked for the acct no to transfer back since i nvr asked for any loan. The guy said he'll give later(which ended up a few days later). And when he gave me the acct no he said can only transfer $200, coz later got problem with bank. So i blindly followed and transferred $200. Few days later the 1st guy asked for payment, den i said i tot already deducted from the $400? Den he say still short of $100 coz 2 loans. So I transferred the balance $100. After realising my mistake, i called my bank to report loss of atm card and made a police report through i-witness. The officer did a follow up but couldn't do much as the harrassments were done only through txts. I've called 999 this afternoon as i've received another harrassment thru txt coz i'm worried my mum is at home alone. So that's why i wanna install cctv to at least deter the runners from doin anything.
i think you may need permission from hdb if you wish to install cctv
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