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Haizz this loan scam happened to me last week as usual enquiry about loan on fb was force transfer 500 to my account,as i dont want anything to do with the uml i paid 1.3k to fully settle the issue which he agreed this will be the last of it which stupidity i believe so. But the next day another uml force transfer me another 350 and 150 same style as in the first scammer which I believe the first scammer and the second scammer work together, i make the first police report close all contact and change number. The next following day two person came up in early morning with a bicycle chain and left it at my door i called police and make a second police report. After two more days i saw on my camera a person came in at 3.17 am with a bag which i never seen him before near my block I immediately rushed out he was gone in a sec reported this to the io too . Now the 500 which the second scammer force transfer to me the money is still with me as i already requested posb to return back to the sender account but it take few days . I do not plan to return the money to the account provided by the second scammer as i knew another innocent party will be in my same show over and over again. So now my only opinion is to wait?
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