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Everytime they take action sure kena catch want, why they still wanna do all this thing. Really dun understand what are they thinking.
UML don't care if these runners are caught as the UML will simply find new ones.

What we need to do is educate the public that whatever your situation is, dire or not, you are the one who get fined, jailed and caned if you decide to be a runner for this UMLs.

These UMLs can only threaten you with ONLY words They cannot touch you.

The one getting caught are the runners and not the UML.Runners are victims too and not professionals. That's why their job is simple- lock gate, splash paint, write graffiti or paste debtor note. Can only be a combination of these. The more garang ones will burn doors. But that's it. The rotan will be on it's way to their backsides.

So, don't even think about being a runner. You are warned.

Too bad those who were arrested recently, didn't discover this thread before deciding to be their runner.

Anyway, do you all think is it worth it?

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