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Don't quite understand you...

75 days is the grace period between the time the card is deactivated, and the time it'll be terminated if no action is done during that time.

On 3 Feb 2019, you subscribed to SLL? If so, how many days' option did you choose? 1 day, 180 days, or 365 days?

Apart from the app, you can use the USSD code as well. *128#

As for the app login, see if you can do a registration if it doesn't let you log in with your old password. There's an app upgrade a couple of weeks back, and the new password requires stuff like a symbol, a capital letter, etc.

Otherwise, go to Digi Community and seek the help of one of the staff there. Or, do a live chat online with the staff.

Yea, need to register again for old account as they upgraded their system; I managed to a free 1 GB valid for 7 days use.
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