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You still don't know how they operate ?
Every time they will say no account for you to bank in and ask you to defer if you got read the history.
Those money come in to your account is from another debtor like you.
The debtor bank in the money to pay the loan shark.
The loan shark just use the debtors money keep rolling.
That's why loan shark will scold people don't anyhow bank in money or return back the money to the original account or say bank into wrong account then not counted.
Give $500 and get back $1300.
The money is too good for them.
Of course force transfer money to you again lah.
Those are not ah loan...useless ****...don't even have a biz AC to use for their job..I'm glad I run those scammer loan few thousand...but so many innocent victims around..just RMB don't pay if u are force to loan...
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