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yah. i leave it in rest mode all the time

now is to decide get replacement set (2nd hand) or repair....or stop playing
I assume you have quite a lot of digital games (PS+ or purchased). Since 1 psn account can only reside on 2 sets of PS4 consoles (and 2x PS3 and 2x Vita), the dead PS4 is taking up 1 slot unnecessarily. You need to reclaim it.

You can go here:

Select "Playstation systems". There is a "deactivate all" button at the bottom. Not sure whether that will deactivate your PS3 and Vita as well (if you have those). Might need to reactivate those manually. (I think you can only do "deactivate all" once in 6 months or something.) Will have to do this for every account you had on that dead PS4. Or you can probably contact Sony's support to deactivate for you but that could be tedious if you have many accounts in many regions.

PS. I have not tried this before, not sure if "deactivate" actually means what I think it means (ie. reclaim 1 slot).

PS. Of cos if you repair it (and the repair works), you won't have to do this.

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