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it's really heartening to know that there are bros and sis in this forum willing to give advise on how to deal with this problem.

call them what you want ... UML, ah long ... they're cut from the same cloth, scum that take delight in causing people hurt. yes, there are people who took money from them, but maybe they didnt have any other choice?

while the advise that has been posted here is welcoming, perhaps as ordinary citizens we can do more?

who knows? maybe those are seeking advise and those giving advise are neighbours

Really don't understand why people borrow money through Whatsapp or Facebook then hope or pray very hard that one to turn out as the Legal Money Lender.
Legal Money Lender don't have an office address and brick and mortar shop, don't feel strange meh ?
Should just walked in to the bank ask for personal loan instead send all the documents through Whatsapp or Facebook then regret.
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