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same story here.....made a mistake of giving account number....they transferred 400...ask for 00 in 5 days...was set to pay but deferred and settled more incident of 200 payment....but they transferred another 300 and asked 1000 to clear week. argued but said ok. next payment again defferred. but i paied full 1000 to the account. he made threaths.....send house front door burning videos ...voice messages....i scolded him back...vulgarities exchanged....closed bank account online..opened new account first.been 3 days no threaths...but some dude called 2 times yesterday asking me if i wanted a loan...i live in a condo...have informed the guards. lets hope for the best. also made a police report. this forum was a good source of information for me. thanks for sharing all your encounters with loansharks. wish all of us are left in peace
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