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Another uneventful day. No EPT mail. Maybe can say a small hurray to that 😌
Hey Ohgeesh. I am in the same predicament as you. I'm looking at this situation on the positive side in which it means I don't have to sit for the EPT. Which is a good thing, because 1. EPT is another stress test hence another round of waiting for the results (prolonging the yes/no outcome) 2. It is not exactly cheap and if you fail, can be a waste of money.

That said, we should all maintain a positive spirit and enjoy the weekend. Everyone here is hoping for a positive outcome and we feel for those that did not make it through because we know the feeling. Best to look past the negative energy/entities that don't really know what he or she is talking about but lurking here because their son/"dotter" is applying to get into a similar programme. It is as if this person wants help/updates for their child, but putting others down at the same time. This kind of vibe is contrary to the positivity I've seen in this thread.
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