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Hi everyone,after a long time I am visiting this forum again.Just want to share my experience with you all.I applied for PGDE about a year ago.Went for interview.It went well.A few weeks later received email asking for CPF statements.Following that,a few weeks later received email indicating availability for EPT.About 1.5 weeks later received email to go for EPT.After EPT,I received the medical email.Went for medical.Status in Careers@gov changed to shortlisted.After a long wait received EPT results.I passed my EPT.Just when I thought everything was going on well I received an email 1 week later stating that my application was unsuccessful.This happened to many of us who applied during that application window.So guys,what I am saying is nothing is confirmed until you receive the official appointment email letter.EPT,Medical and even status change is not a guarantee at all.Just sharing my experience.
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