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After a week of not receiving SMS advert from UML, today I got one already.

As usual, I screenshot the SMS and attached it to i-witness at Police@SG app and sent in report.

And finally, block number. These UMLs can try me once per number only. Let's see how many simcard they willing to carry.

Come on guys/gal report all these adverts to SPF via I-witness. You can remain anonymous.

Nevermind if SPF will not follow up on it, at least it's recorded and might be useful in future investigations.

We can help the society by doing this. Many of our phone numbers are shared around by these UML.

Then we share their number with Police lor.

Even if today I receive 200 UML adverts, I still report. I purposely don't want to change my number.

C'mon y'all.
Thanks Green! I'm not sure where Iwitness goes to really, I rather file epolice reports cause that seems more official.

Nevertheless, GOOD JOB! every little step is a small step to put them out of biz! I'm still gettings ads on loans and gambling, this is the next thing that must stop!

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