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Exactly my thoughts. Why let developers dictate your property prices? Just be a little patient, they will lower their crazy asking prices. Those who caught the boat last year, too bad for you.

Depending whose mouth it comes from. From one group, they will tell you Developers always win, even if buyers need to pay high price, they have to be suxxxxrs.
‘Eventually all projects sell...’
‘If don’t buy, price will only go higher’
‘Buy now or you miss the boat’
That ‘celebrity’ X even went as far as to say shoot up shoot up ...
Those jokers who write reports will predict a 900 psf land price when it turned out to be only about 700 psf....

Then, you have another group who say, calm down, look at what is happening around us,
Don’t practice herd mentality or be led by FOMO.
Developers have made losses in the past like The Paronama, where the developer has to write off losses because the market cannot accept their launch prices (based on land costs)

As there are $$$ and jobs involved, views are seldom fair and neutral. If you are the buyer, it is your money, DYODD. If you lose money, it’s your money.
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