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Congrats Origamimosa. What is the teaching subject offered to you? Mind asking what was your major in uni nus/ntu? mid career switcher too
PGDE PRI ART. I was not from NTU or NUS, I did my BA Hons in Visual Communications in Lasalle but kept getting rejected from the PGDE PRI ART interviews due to the discrepancy in course length hence I decided to do an extra part time NIE-NTU endorsed course called Specialist Diploma in Art Education to boost my chances. Took me about a year to complete, and I guess I finally got lucky with my grades. I am currently still teaching freelance in Primary schools, and was teaching art in the Singapore Juvenile detention facilities too.

I am just glad the hard work and long wait paid off as I have applied a grand total of 4-5 times since graduation 6 years ago!
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