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Any one has suggest how can keep place less dusty?

1. Close all concealment windows
2. use IQAir Inflow to extract O2 air from outside (+ pressure)
3. use another decent air filter to pollutant created from inside?
4. dehumidifiers set to 50%
5. 3-5 indoor plants per person
If you want to play with positive pressure, just go taobao and get some of their boxes. Pls don't use IQAir unless you are at least a 8 million Toto winner.

And even then, there would only be a slight drop in dust. Coz the dust is also quite often generated internally, and even with both postiive pressure + internal APs, the dust cannot be fully controlled as dust is quite heavy and falls onto surfaces relatively fast.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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