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You can consider the AMD Raven Ridge APUs, either the 2200G or 2400G.

Or you can wait for the upcoming 3000 series APU, which should be sometime this quarter or early next quarter I think.

For light to medium gaming you won't need the GFX as the APUs are more than capable.

If you can substitute the 3.5" HDDs for new 2.5" SSD or HDDs that would be better for SFF.

Some cases you can consider are the Inwin Chopin, or for really small, Realan's stuff like the E-W80 using pico-PSU or the like with external AC adapter.
thanks with the help.

i am not sure if the IT softwares i am using can be supported by AMDs instead of Intel, this would be one concern.

I can't change HDD to the smaller version at the moment, plus, these HDDs are just purchased.

Both Inwin Chopin and E-W80 are really good choices but I can't fit 2x 3.5" HDDs in them, i guess there's a compromise in this.
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