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Cool! I have shortlisted these 3 (Fractual Design core 500/Corsair Crystal Series 280X/Inwin A1) at the moment then, with FP core 500 being first as the other two are more for RGB which I don need and the fancy tempered glass that i hate to leave my fingerprints on. The local shops does not seem to carry the non-RGB version.

MB - (asus has lucky draw, is there any good MB or do I go with Asrock again?)
  • Fractual Design Core 500 ITX (PC Themes: $99)
  • Corsair Crystal Series 280X (TradePac)
  • Inwin A1 Black (PC Themes: $259)

Now I will need to think about these.. even though Shahmatt proposed AMD Raven Ridge APUs, I am not so sure about it running those IT softwares I mentioned. In my work, I usually see Intel core mentioned for support. This PC could be used as an Developer environment to run those thousands of data, do i need to go i7?

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