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Hi, I recently burrow 1k from the LS and they only gave me 700. They told me that next week. Meaning a week later I have to pay 1k or else defer it for 300pay. 5days later I want to make full payment of 1k to LS but he told me. Brother per our conversation that time, we said our first payment will be defer. I straight away call the LS and scolded him. I also have our record of conversation. 2hours I have been pestering him to give me an account number to transfer him the 1k. Till night, he only told me his account is full already. Not able to take in anymore amount. Ask me to transfer the next day. Right now the date line will be the day after tomorrow. After seeing all this review only. And suggestions????? As tmr will be the last day.
Everyday also got the same issue. All same scenario.
The problem is everyone lazy to read back the history.
If one don't want to help herself, how can you expect other to help ?
At least you can do is read back at least 10 pages of history.
You will get the answer.
Already given model answer for 10 years series past year paper, still don't want to make use of it ?
If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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