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Yes bro, I did read from last night. Was just trying to understand it more.
Okay. I give you the Model Answer.
Are you Singaporean and staying in Singapore ?
Below are the steps.

1) Make a Police Report
2) Stop all the contact and communication with them. Change number if can
3) Use the Police Report and get approval from Town Council to install CCTV
4) Inform your families and colleagues that you tio loan shark scam
5) Just wait and see which fellow debtors wanna throw their future down the drain by supplying your CCTV footage on 3) to your Police officer in charge
6) Live like a normal person, no need lose your sleep over the loan shark. They will not hurt you physically. Only torture you mentally. If you done the 2), then you should be very peaceful
7) Keep in touch with Police
8) Don't doubt the Police like someone in this forum. Must put your trust 100% in Police, they are very good and doing a good job.
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