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Just sharing my case.

Recently I have filed a police report for these LS and don't intend pay back anymore. I have been paying for few months and they have already get back their capital and interest.

However, there is 1 LS who knows my company number and my manager number too. I was shocked and surprised how they managed to find out. After I failed to pay up, they call me up at my office the next day alerting my colleagues and managers as well. I have no choice but to negotiate with him the payment. He agreed to let me pay $200 monthly without any interest.

So will like to ask, will my company terminate me because I have loan from LS and they have harassed the company?
Just let your company and manager know that you have be scam and show your police case card to your company to prove that you have make a police report and it up to them to help you to get over this problem or not. I believe that no company will fire anyone who get scam by them
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