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I used to think that ATF lasts a lifetime, as the label says so as well.

Then I wondered, if there's a mileage definition for "lifetime". Since COE lasts for 10 years, I decided on this definition for "lifetime" and I went for an ATF change, then adopted a routine of ATF change every 30kkm.

Not bad I would say, gear changes are more responsive after the change. Perhaps I just want to prolong the transmission lifespan and not wanting it to fail as the mileage climbs. You know how much does a transmission replacement cost at BM?

... I'd rather change ATF than to replace transmission.
same here, changed my swift atf at around 25k mark. will change it again when it hits 60k just to keep it fresh and going.

atf aint expensive anyway and labour in malaysia is affordable.
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