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The PS5 will be fully backwards compatible with the PS4.
Games will continue to launch for the PS4 and PS5 after the new console launches.
The PS5 will support the current PlayStation VR hardware (but an update seems likely).
The PS5 will not be download-only — physical media isn’t going anywhere quite yet.

While new CPUs and GPUs are inevitable, Cerny says that the most significant hardware upgrade is actually the hard drive. Sony has installed a solid-state drive in the PS5 that Cerny claims has a higher raw bandwidth than any SSD you can get for a PC. In order to demonstrate just how powerful the drive is, Cerny turned on Marvel’s Spider-Man on a PS4 Pro and a next-gen devkit. He then initiated a fast-travel sequence (picking a location on the map for Spidey to warp to) on both machines. It took 15 seconds on the PS4 Pro. On the devkit, it took 0.8 seconds.
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