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[well say bro

QUOTE=green72;120310352]delceer, I read from some of your previous posts that you are pissed at borrowers.

C'mon bro, stop being judgemental. The main goal of this thread are help or advised those that have been harassed on what to do. Make me feel like you are harassing too.

Isn't it way too late to tell them not to borrow from UML? Your angry responses is not helping them at all.

I also worry that insensitive comments might push those weaker souls to contemplate suicide as an option since everyone including people here keep scolding them.

Of course we get it that you are smarter than most to manage your finances.

Channel that anger on how to destroy the UML business. Chill bro, stop scolding people with poor financial acumen for borrowing from UML.

Please advise nicely and be a bit sensitive. Most victims are stressed out.

This thread is "Loan Shark Harassment and how to stop it" and not " why so stupid and borrow from loanshark"[/QUOTE]
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