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Hi Bro and Sis,

Just came to know after reading so much on this web than just decide that the same faith happens to me and to all of us here. Which you all claims it's a loan scam. After thinking back what you guys refer to your stories here, actually it's almost same as mine.

Request for a loan, given details for monthly repayment than got a weekly loan which resulted into defer and defer process only without repaying actual loan amount at all. Live in fears and got lots of texts messages coming in or to your NOK.

For me, my wife have been supportive and even into finding ways to get money to pay off my loan to this UML. Cause everyday only defer defer defer till my main sum didn't even pay a single cent. I didn't know they are UML till when I unable to pay keep texting me and also sending video of my house being knocked by one of his runners and also send broken windscreen of cars and claims it's their so called works by them.

I think mostly of this scam it's by malaysian chinese using local calls numbers. They have alot of numbers they use to call, maybe we post their numbers here to see if we are into the same UML?

Is there a way to block them not directly whatsapp, but to report to whatsapp their number to whatsapp email or something? can someone advise here, many thanks. As mind have been breaking down on me and my relationship with my wife is getting from bad to worse.
Maybe we should have a WhatsApp group
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