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icute sia... Cheap china brand. How much u got it for? Wah u kena cheated badly. Seasonic X850 is quite high end, u went all the way to low end. Then repairman can sell your psu for high cover, earning profit more than the icute psu u bought for. Best to take it back.

Anyway, if during gaming only and it shuts down, means psu not supplying enough power to gpu. Most likely psu is dying liao?

GTX 960 is a 3 yrs old model. How much did they charge u?

Also, ur cpu+mobo+ram is quite overkill for ur game.

What you should do is to go back to shop and get back your x850w. It is a reliable psu and should last long for your gaming needs. Dun let the shop sell off your psu for more profits.
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