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How lanford compared to leon ? Have you tried him ?

Guild battle also buff.. victory point increase from 350 to 650.
Yes. He is a worthy replacement for Leon if you do not have him, though Leon is still better in terms of DPs.

Lanford can hit from range. His swordsman class is also strong enough to replace Elwin.

His bond gate quests are not released yet in gl, so cannot increase star.
Need 2 rare SSRs to fully unlock his bond power- shelfaniel and landius.

Lanford and Listell are hard to get later. To date in tw, they are never part of any focus banners. Lanford also do not get any rate up banner after this. Listell gets another rate up banner later with Landius. (Which is why I showhand in this banner. Later new chars are not as good as these 2)

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