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This happens either the OS is mining coins or they used a factory reject CPU.

These can’t be fixed. Things are cheap for a reason.
I rather think this is a design issue rather than conspiracy theory.

H6 CPU itself is not power efficient to start with. It could also be a HW design issue (eg: power circuits and thermal) which could not be totally fixed by OTA FW update. So I will not recommend this box now (especially since there are also bugs related to the notification bar ).

But the box is usable with a fan.

BTW, most good generic Android TV boxes (except high end models like Nvidia Shield TV) are relatively cheap and below S$100.

For Android TV box, if the cost is above S$120 and it is not from premium brands like Nvidia or Minix, you need to be careful. Usually they are preloaded box and not recommended.

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