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Just do not buy any H6 boxes now. S995X2 box is a bit more expensive but much better.

If you want to go for low cost, RK3328 boxes are also pretty cheap. Performance is not as good as H6 but more than sufficient for streaming applications.

Or better buy Mi Box S at around S$70-86. CPU performance is a bit lower but it is actually better at streaming applications because it runs official Android TV OS -- Netflix 4k and Chromecast function built-in.
Just looking back some older review of H6 boxes. Looks like the high idle power issues were there too.

This one is the review for Beelink GS1. Same issue with high idle power.
GS1 idle power is even higher than TX6 at 5.1W.
TX6 idle power is at 4.6W.

Just as a comparison, full power of Tanix TX5 Max S905X2 is at 4W. Beelink GT1 Mini is even lower at 3.5W.

That being said, the latest FW 20140418 version seems to help and I have not encountered thermal throttle yet even when playing 1080p/4k YouTube video (output is 1080p since my monitor is only 1080p). Now the ambient temperature is 27 degree C and the CPU goes to between 70-80 degree C. No fan is used. Not very good but at least usable and no thermal throttle.

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