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Think I'll just stick to S905X2 or RK3328, high temps are never good news for component lifespan.
Yes indeed it is better to stick to S905X2.

Thermal and Low WiFi performance are usually the two main problems of HW design for generic TV boxes.

Tanix TX5 Max got both right— very good thermal performance and very good WiFi performance.

Tanix TX6 WiFi performance is pretty good (not as good as TX5 Max) but it does not get thermal design right, which is at least partly due to the inherent problem of the 28nm Allwinner H6 CPU. But they should have added ventilation holes on the bottom to make it easier to use a USB fan to cool down the box.

For RK3328, it seems to me all the popular boxes are from unknown vendors, Tanix has the TX28 based on RK3328 but it is not popular at all. There are very few shops selling TX28 and the cost is actually similar to or even higher than TX5 Max. If not TX28 is not bad based on reviews, good WiFi performance, USB 3.0.

I myself have the H96 Max+ 4GB/64GB RK3328 Box, due to the big size the thermal performance is good. Overall performance is okay as well. At the time it was a bit expensive at RMB370 or S$74 from Taobao not including shipping. But the cost has went down quite a bit. Now Taobao price goes down to about RMB275 or S$55 for the 4GB /64 GB Version and RMB235 or S$47 for the 4GB/32GB Version. WiFi performance is so so but usable. It also has USB 3.0 port.

Ref: my H96 Max+ box is similar to this one with colourful faceplate.

Ref: H6 is a bit better than RK3328 with faster CPU and GPU. Feature wise RK3328 is better than S905X, performance wise it is actually slower than S905X in terms of GPU.

S905X2 is new generation and beats H6, RK3328 and S905X in performance and features aspect. So just stick to S905X2.

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